Commercial Real Estate: is any property owned to produce income, such as retail, offices, and hotels. Surprisingly, it also includes apartment buildings even though they are used for housing. That's because they are owned by a company to turn a profit. Although someone who rents single-family homes does the same thing, that's not considered commercial real estate. For that reason, sometimes data on apartment building construction or sales are lumped into reports on residential real estate.

Our commercial professionals are prepared to assist you in the following areas:

Buyer/Tenant Representation
Seller Representation
Investment Sales
Land Development
Commercial Consulting

Buying a commercial real estate asset requires a lot of upfront planning.  First, you must decide whether or not the property will be owner occupied, an investment, or both.  This will determine the initial strategy and factors to consider before making the purchase.  BML Properties Realty agents will assist Buyers/Investors from the initial step in the buying process including developing a comprehensive Needs Analysis to consider all requirements from the key decision makers through the completion of the sale and escrow.

The number one rule in Investment Real Estate is to “Make Your Money When You Buy”.  We perform thorough market analyses to understand the present value of a property using the assets cash flow or by using similar property comparisons. We also develop financial analyses to help determine of the potential of the assets performance.

We will partner with you each step of the way providing data and information to help you make well informed decisions on your purchase and feel that we can only be successful if our clients are successful in achieving their results!          


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